Pigment & resin
L. 9.5 inches
Inventory# X057

This Kumantong represents the soul of a deceased child and is believed to be a veritable power house of Thai magic. Because they move through our earthly realm unfettered by negative Karma the souls of young or unborn children are believed to possess great spiritual strength. These figures are made from a variety of materials including plastic, resin, bone, ivory, clay, and wood, they must be activated by a knowledgeable monk before gaining power. Kumantongs can be used for black or white magical purposes depending on the spells used at activation. Created to fight enemies and effect devious purposes the first type is cruel, wild, and ferocious. The other kind serves it's owner adding charm and bringing good fortune and may be invoked to strike the lottery or attract customers to a shop. Kumantong is also spelled as Kuman Tong, Kuman Thong, Gumantong, Guman Thong.

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